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Courses: some slides

Here you can find the slides of some courses I have given. As you will see, they are not a systematic overview of any of the subjects that I am working on, but they give an idea about what kind of work I am doing. I hope you find them useful!

Introduction to Biological Complex Networks

  • Lecture at the International Institute of Physics, July 2013 (Natal, Brazil)
  • Basic introduction to Complex Networks Theory and its applications in biology. These slides correspond to the opening lecture at the School on Biological Complex Networks, which was organized at the International Institute of Physics (Natal, Brazil).

    intro networks

    Functional Brain Networks: Structure and Impairment

  • Seminar at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, March 2011 (Madrid, Spain)
  • Some slides from a course about "Functional Brain Networks: Structure and Impairment" that was held in the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain), in March 2011.

    intro networks

    Applications of Complex Networks

  • Escuela de Invierno 2009, Lagos de Moreno (Mexico)
  • Here you will find some slides from a course about "Applications of Complex Networks" that was held in Lagos de Moreno (Mexico) in December 2009. The slides just give an overview of some aspects of Complex Networks, but they can be useful if you are preparing your own presentation about this topic. Feel free to use them, but a short comment about where did you get them would be appreciated.

    intro networks

    Introduction to Complex Networks. These slides introduce some definitions, techniques and methods used in Complex Networks. They also give a short historical overview, dedicating some attention to the work of Euler, Erdös, Milgram, Strogatz, Barabási and others. It could be used as a short introduction to Complex Networks for undergraduate students or PhD without previous knowledge about this subject.

    intro networks

    Social Networks. This is a brief introduction to social networks from the perspective of Complex Networks Theory. Definitely, this overview is short and partial, since it is focused on part of the works that I have published in this subject. Nevertheless, it can give an idea about the power of Complex Networks in order to extract information about the structure and driving forces of some social networks. In the historical overview, there is a short mention of the work of Pareto, Zipf and some others.

    intro networks

    Biological Networks. Again another partial overview, in this case about biological networks. The amount of publications about complex biological networks is so extensive and diverse that it would be impossible to summarize it in one hour lecture. In this overview we focus on some aspects of RNA neutral networks, brain functional networks and intra-cellular (protein, genetic and metabolic) networks.

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