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Javier Martín Buldú: Homepage

Once upon a time there was a ...

Essential Info:

-Born in Madrid
-Electrical Engineer
-PhD in Applied Physics
-U.P.C. Staff
-U.R.J.C. Staff
-C.T.B. Staff

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(Feb 01, 2011)

Welcome to Javier's Homepage...

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...In this web page you will find information about my research topics, publications, attendance to conferences and also some useless comments about myself. I hope you will find it interesting!

Everything began in a dark night of 1974's summer. After nine months wondering where I was going to born, I decided to come to this world ... At the beginning everything was cold and fuzzy, but soon I realized that I had been really, really lucky ...

... Some years have past since that date, around half of my life. During this time I have tried to learn as many things as possible, trying always not to break anything!! Did I succeed?? Of course I didn't!! ... I didn't learn anything and I have ruined many, many things... The only point is that I really enjoyed the time spent on trying to learn something and even breaking things!!

What I am doing right now ...

Nowadays I "work" at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Mostoles, Madrid, Spain). I can not tell you how my University is (sincerely, if I tell you I'd be fired!). Fortunately, I have a permanent position, which means that I can stay here for the rest of my life as long as I do not talk too much. My working day is splitted into lectures (poor students!) and research (around 25 hours/day...), which is focused on applications of Nonlinear Dynamics and Complex Networks (could it be more general?). Some years ago (2010), I have joined the Center for Biomedical Technology , where I have co-founded the Laboratory of Biological Networks. I have a lot of fun there.

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